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A New Bolt-On Attachment For ATVs and UTVs

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What Are J-Wheelz?

J-wheelz are an attachment for ATVs, UTVs and 6-Wheel Vehicles that add traction and flotation to a machine. J-wheelz bolt on to the existing wheel, widening it with a unique shape that allows it to handle the deepest mud without affecting the drivability of the vehicle when on firm ground. This allows the rider to maintain full steering and speed capabilities of the machine as well as extends the life of J-wheelz by keeping them from wearing on the pavement.

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Welcome to SwampMonsterMaxATVs. The Original 6-Wheel Drive Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle

Long before there were four-wheel all-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles, the off-road world was dominated by amphibious, six-wheel drive machines - the first true ATVs! MAX ATVs have been out there, crawling through and over just about anything in their path, since 1969.

Affordable MAX ATVs are in use in every imaginable off-road application: trail riding, hunting, fishing, farming, search & rescue, oil exploration, and numerous other industrial and recreational applications. We make it even more affordable by offering the biggest discounts available.

Over mud, sand, rocks, logs, snow, or even water, go where no vehicle has gone before!

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